How to spend a summer week in beautiful Stonington, ME

Barred Island Preserve


Isle au Haut


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Mount Agamenticus: a coastal hike

Mount Agamenticus

A morning in York, Maine.

Oct 27, 2015

Okay, maybe Mt. Agamenticus in York, Maine, isn’t really a strenuous climb (elevation 692 ft.), and maybe Rico–having completed many a 50-mile-‘dash’ in California–isn’t really too-pooped-to-pop, still I highly recommend this hike for anyone in any shape, including toddlers and grandparents.

Once a ski area with a scenic view of the Atlantic Ocean, Mount A (as the locals call it), is now home to a conservation program and several miles of gentle trails open for hiking, biking and snowshoeing. Equestrians and ATV riders have access to specially-marked trails. If you are hungering for a view, but unable to climb, the top of Mount A can be reached by vehicle where, from the parking lot, you have access to a trail designed to accommodate wheelchairs, walkers or strollers. For trail maps, teacher information and directions, check their website:

After hiking, we stumbled across Anthony’s Food Shop on Route 1 in York. Don’t let the outer gas station/convenience store appearance fool you. Inside is a whole lot more. (Did someone say bakery items?)

You’ll want to take your booty to Nubble Lighthouse to feast on the view. Maine. The way life is.

Nubble Lighthouse

by Martin Rogers Photography

Maine Takes on Manhattan: ice rink bliss

Jan 5 2016 ICE 2 001

I am content to lounge, sip hazelnut coffee and listen to the ice moan and groan as it gives birth to a ginormous tri-color skating rink.

Compare my rink on Little Sebago Lake—endless, uncrowded, and free—to Central Parks’ or Rockefeller Centers’. I think you’ll agree that mine is priceless. Maine. The way life is.

Ics skates 2016 002ice jan 2016

The rink is ready. So are my skates. The same skates I wore in Millinocket, Maine, in elementary school. Only the pom-poms have changed. Ok, so maybe the inner tongue lining is missing from one, and maybe the sole cushions are gone from both, but they are magic. They propel me frontward and backward and take me places I’m still lucky enough to go!

Seagull Blues: a day on the lake

Seagull with merganser

I love that the seagull thinks he is a merganser.
Or perhaps he feels “If I just hold back, they’ll let me tag along.
It beats being lonely.”
I love that the mergansers play with the idea.
Float with it.
Dunk with it.
They are different.
They are alike.
They are homeward bound.
Pond paddling.
Lake landing.
One body of water at a time.