Relieving ball-of-foot pain when hiking.


Hiking requires the right gear and it’s imperative your feet be comfortable. For a four to six hour hike, I found myself taking Ibuprofen a few hours in to buy tolerable hiking time. After awhile that wasn’t enough, and I was ending my hike walking on the sides of my right boot just to avoid putting pressure on the ball of that foot. (Did you know that you lose fat in the fat pads of your feet as you age?) I tried a few over- the- counter, ball-of-foot cushions which didn’t quite do the trick. I went to a podiatrist which was, for me, the wrong turn. For about $500 (visit plus orthotics) I got orthotics for both feet which gave me no relief. They hurt, and I was told I had to “break them in.” That was not happening! The thing is my foot only bothered me after hiking a few hours. No other time. So I really didn’t think I needed orthotics seven days a week. I thought the podiatrist might have multiple products and solutions. What I experienced was that if you set foot in a podiatrist’s office with a foot compliant, you are likely going to be given expensive orthotics. I did know the intent of the orthotics was to support the arch of my foot, causing less pressure to transfer onto the ball of my foot. So when I saw the product above in Wal Mart for $9.99, I was eager to give it a try. IT WORKED! Immediately. And there was no “break in.” I promptly bought two more packages in case this product ever becomes unavailable. Though the package claims that it is for plantar fasciitis, which I do not have, it worked to relieve my ball-of-foot pain on long hikes. I hope this product can help someone else, too.